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Undersink Water Filtration Systems

Get Clean, Delicious Tap Water With Our Under-Sink Filtration Systems

Get pure, clean, and safe tap water with APS’ top-quality undersink water filtration systems from market-leading brands like Puretec.

Our undersink water filtration systems are discreet and easy to mount, so you don’t have to worry about cluttered bench spaces. All you’ll see is a sleek and stylish tap that will provide you with delicious and healthy drinking water all day, every day.

At APS, we offer a wide range of undersink water filters to suit every household, whether you’re connected to mains water or get your water supply from a rainwater tank. Our systems include single or twin systems, reverse osmosis, countertop, UV, and quick twist undersink models, so you can choose the perfect package that suits your household’s needs.

Single undersink systems are perfect for small kitchens or households with just a few members. Meanwhile, twin undersink systems are perfect for larger families or offices. Reverse osmosis systems use a membrane instead of a carbon filter to provide ultra-purified drinking water. UV light systems are great for killing parasites, viruses, and bacteria from untreated drinking water. Quick twist systems, on the other hand, are easy to change with just a quick and simple twist.

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, our undersink water filtration systems are an excellent addition to your plans. They’re also ideal for renters who want to enjoy the benefits of filtered water without calling a plumber. Just pull the system out of the box, set it up on the counter-top, and start enjoying pure, clean drinking water.

Contact our expert team today and get the perfect undersink water filtration system that will suit your household’s needs.

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