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Onga Pumps Perth

Experience the Reliability of Onga Pumps with APS Rewinds & Sales – Your Pump Specialists in Perth

At APS Rewinds & Sales, we are proud to be recognised as specialists in Onga pumps. Onga has been a trusted brand for over 50 years and is one of the most respected names in the pump industry. Onga pumps are renowned for their reliability, toughness, and durability, making them a top choice for a wide range of industries.

Onga was founded in Australia in 1967 with the aim of manufacturing pumps that could withstand the harsh local conditions, specifically for the farming industry. This resulted in a range of pumps that are highly regarded across all industries as being among the best on the market. Onga’s pumps can be found across Australia in a variety of settings, including private homes, commercial sites, mines, factories, and many other industries.

In the domestic sector, Onga pumps are highly sought after for swimming pools, spas, and garden irrigation systems. They are ideal for use in rainwater tanks and to boost shower and other internal tap pressure. Commercially, Onga pumps are used for similar purposes to domestic situations, as well as for firefighting protection, to save money on water bills, or even transfer flood waters from basements or underground car parks. The heavy-duty build of Onga pumps makes them perfect for use in industrial applications, and their multistage and centrifugal pumps are sought after for their durability in demanding situations and long life.

We understand the unique needs of our customers and work closely with them to provide the best pump solutions for their specific applications. Our expert sales team has extensive knowledge and experience with Onga pumps and can assist customers in selecting the most appropriate pumps for their needs. We also offer a comprehensive range of Onga pump parts and accessories to ensure that our customers’ pumps continue to operate efficiently and reliably.