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Pool Filters For Sale

Find the Perfect Pool Filter For Sale: Keeping Your Pool Water Clean & Clear

A clean and well-maintained pool is the pride of any homeowner who owns one. However, to achieve and maintain crystal-clear water in your pool, you need to have the right pool filter system. Choosing the right pool filter for your pool’s size and water type is essential to ensure optimum filtration and keep your pool water safe and healthy for swimming.

At APS, we offer a range of Davey and Onga pool filter systems for sale, two of the biggest names in the Australian pool industry. Our specialist team members have the experience and technical knowledge to help you select the best pool filter for your specific needs.

Our selection of Davey pool filters includes the Crystal Clear cartridge filter, the Ecopure sand filter, and the Zelbrite filter media. Both Crystal Clear and Ecopure filters are suitable for in-ground and above-ground pools and can be used with salt, mineral salt, and fresh water. The Onga pool filter range includes the Pantera sand filter, the Pantera cartridge filter, and the Pantera cartridge replacement. The Pantera cartridge filter is perfect for use in small spaces due to its slimline design, while the Pantera sand filter includes the Sta-Rite multiport valve and under-drain lateral system.

Our team members will work with you to ensure you find the right equipment to keep your pool water clear and healthy for swimming all year round. Protect your pool investment by choosing the right pool filter system from APS. Contact us today to discuss the best pool filter for your needs.