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Automatic Pool Cleaners

Make Pool Maintenance A Breeze With Onga Hammerhead Auto Inground Pool Cleaner

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually cleaning your pool with the Onga Hammerhead auto inground pool cleaner, now available at APS. This automatic pool cleaner is designed to make your pool maintenance routine easier and more efficient, allowing you to enjoy a clean and safe swimming pool any time you want.

The Onga Hammerhead is a cost-effective and labour-saving solution to keep your pool clean and healthy. With minimal set-up required, all you need to do is connect the hoses and put in the seal, and you’re ready to go. This automatic pool cleaner is perfect for busy pool owners who want to spend more time relaxing by the pool and less time on maintenance.

Made with UV stabilised and chemical-resistant materials, the Onga Hammerhead is built to withstand the harsh Australian climate and the wear and tear of frequent use. It comes with a three-year limited warranty to give you peace of mind and assurance that you’re investing in a reliable and durable product.

At APS, we are committed to providing our customers with the best pool equipment solutions, and the Onga Hammerhead auto inground pool cleaner is no exception. Talk to our pool equipment specialists today to learn more about how this automatic pool cleaner can make your pool maintenance a breeze.