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Water Pressure Tanks

Protect Your Pump & Ensure Constant Water Pressure With Pressure Tanks From APS

Installing a pressure tank is an effective way to protect your pump from damage while ensuring a steady flow of water with consistent pressure. At APS, we offer a wide range of pressure tanks from trusted brands like Davey and Onga, with sizes ranging from 8 to 452 litres.

Our Sta-Rite/Onga Fibrewound pressure tank range is perfect for agricultural and industrial use. Starting at 76 litres and going up to an impressive 452 litres, they are built tough for Australian conditions, especially the heat of Perth and WA. These pressure tanks are rust-proof, lightweight, and come with a five-year warranty.

We also offer the Davey Steel Captive Supercell pressure tank range, featuring a captive diaphragm design. All pressure tanks in our Davey range come with a five-year warranty and are suitable for household, industrial, and agricultural use. They are available in sizes ranging from eight to 100 litres and can be used in hydronic heating system expansion tanks, water hammer arrestor systems, and mains water toilet flushing systems.

By building up a reserve of water, a pressure tank ensures that your pump operates efficiently and has a longer lifespan. It also reduces the frequency of pump start and stop cycles, which can be beneficial in saving energy and reducing wear and tear.

At APS, our experienced and friendly staff can help you choose the right size pressure tank for your specific needs. Call us today to discuss the best option for your pump and ensure constant water pressure at your property.