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Electric Transfer Pumps

Get the Job Done Right with Electric Transfer Pumps for Sale at APS Rewinds & Sales

If you need to transfer large volumes of water from pits, ponds, dams, or tanks, electric transfer pumps can be the ideal solution for your business or property. At APS Rewinds & Sales, we offer a comprehensive range of transfer pumps for sale from two of Australia’s most respected pump manufacturers, Davey and Onga.

We understand that reliability and toughness are essential when it comes to transfer pumps, which is why we stock Davey and Onga transfer pumps. Our expert staff will work with you to determine the best transfer pump for your specific needs, whether it is for industrial, commercial, agricultural, or home property use.

Our team will look at the flow required, maximum lift, and pump head size to ensure that the transfer pump you choose is the right fit for your requirements. We will also discuss inlet and outlet sizes, which determine how quickly the pump can move water from one area to another, and help you determine whether a petrol, diesel, or electric pump is best suited to your situation.

Our range of Davey and Onga electric transfer pumps come in various sizes to cater to different needs, from small units perfect for mobile dog wash businesses to large units capable of handling industrial and agricultural use, including septic tank effluent. These pumps are dust, dirt, and vermin resistant, ensuring their durability and longevity.

If you’re looking for quality transfer pumps for sale, look no further than APS Rewinds & Sales. Call our expert sales team today to learn more about our range of Davey and Onga electric transfer pumps and how they can help your home or business transfer water effectively and efficiently.