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Pool Pumps

Get Your Swimming Pool Pump Running Smoothly With APS’s Range Of Davey & Onga Pool Pumps

Looking for a durable and reliable pool pump that can withstand the harsh Australian climate? Look no further than APS’s extensive range of Davey and Onga swimming pool pumps.

Our selection includes the Davey Silensor, Whisper, PowerMaster, ProMaster, and StarFlo systems, as well as the Onga Leisuretime, Pantera, and SilentFlo pool pumps. Each pump is designed to provide powerful and efficient performance to keep your pool water crystal clear and healthy.

A pool pump is a crucial component of any swimming pool system. It works in tandem with the pool filter to circulate the water and remove debris, dirt, and other contaminants. Without a high-quality pool pump, your pool filter won’t be able to function properly, and your pool water may become dirty and unsafe for swimming.

That’s why APS only stocks the best pool pump brands in Australia – Davey and Onga. These pumps are built tough to withstand even the hottest Perth summers and provide reliable and long-lasting performance.

No matter what size pool you have or what your specific needs are, our team of pool pump specialists can help you find the right pump for your pool. Call us today to learn more about our range of Davey and Onga pool pumps and take the first step toward enjoying clean, clear, and healthy pool water all year round.