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Toshiba Premium Efficiency Electric Motors 0.37kW to 1000kW

Of heavy duty cast iron construction with cast iron or fabricated steel cooling fans, these motors operate at lower noise levels. Modifications can be made to satisfy individual customer requirements and specifications, with 24 month warranty from installation and 30 months from delivery.

The Toshiba Premium Efficiency motors comply with AS1359 and MEP2006 requirements. The standards features include:

  • Standard range includes: 0.37 kW to 1000 kW and 2,4,6 & 8 pole is standard, multi speed and low speed motors available upon request protection, classifications from IP55 through to IP66
  • Suitable for 380V 400V 415V
  • Alternative voltage range is available up to 1100V
  • Heavy duty cast iron construction
  • Cast iron or fabricated steel cooling fans
  • Beneficial starting characteristics
  • Generous terminating capacity
  • Improved thermal reserve for cooler operation
  • Lower noise levels
  • Removable terminal box cable gland entry
  • Porous drain plugs (D160 frame and above)
  • Thermistors as standard in all motors (D160 frame and above)
  • Double lip oil seals on flanges up to D280 - suitable for wet flange applications
  • Tropic proofed windings as standard
  • External earth fixing point
  • IEC and NEMA frames available upon request
  • Range is designed for: VVVF control reduced voltage starting
  • MEPS 2006 compliant and AS1359 compliant for 0.37kW - 185kW motors
  • Modifications can be made to satisfy individual customer requirements and specifications
  • 24 months warranty from installation and 36 months warranty from delivery
  • Australian and Asia Pacific region sales and support.

Advantages of a Toshiba premium efficiency induction motor:

  • Market leader in mining and other heavy duty applications
  • Proven reliability and extended operating capacity
  • Energy cost savings result in improved return on investment
  • Quiet operation

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