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Onga/Honda BM65H 6 1/2hp Twin Impeller

ONGA BM65H Blazemaster w/6hp Honda GX200 Twin Stage Petrol engine with roll frame

This Onga blazemaster comes with a 6hp Honda GX200 petrol engine.

The pump is designed to pump higher hills feeding irrigation systems that require more pressure or fighting fires from a safer distance. Coupled with the ever reliable Honda engine this pump will provide with years of extraordinary service.


  • Cast aluminium construction means strength, durability and light weight portability
  • Dual impeller pump designed to give you more pressure while delivering more water
  • Big pump body with raised suction port for better priming capability
  • Larger diameter impellers providing higher discharge head.

This pump is suited for the following applications

  • Fire fighting
  • Tank filling
  • Water transfer
  • Boom spraying
  • Irrigation and traveling irrigation

Warranty: 2 Years

Additional information

Weight 29 kg