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Davey C200A 690W Spa Pump w/ Air Switch

DAVEY 690W Single phase Celsior cold spa bath pump with airswitch

Up to 50% quieter than other pumps, the Celsior® spa bath pump provides a more enjoyable spa experience that will not disturb your well deserved relaxation or that of your neighbours.

With pumps as large as 2 horsepower, and three unique patented features, Celsior® pumps deliver greater water flow and pressure, enlivening your spa for a complete massaging effect.

Davey Heat Recovery technology maintains the temperature of your spa for longer by utilising waste energy which is otherwise lost when using traditional style spa pumps. Celsior® is environmentally friendly & highly efficient with up to 96% effective energy usage.

Airswitch or touchpad controlled, the Celsior® is available as a heat maintenance pump or supplied with an in-built heater for that added heat boost.

The Celsior spa pumps are available in a range of different models. The models currently available are:

  • C270A - 930W with airswitch
  • ​C400A - 1500W with airswitch
  • C200AB - 690W hot pump with 1.6kw element
  • C270AB - 930W hot pump with 1.8kw element
  • C400AB - 1500W hot pump with 2.4kw element
  • C200TB - 690W hot pump electronic with 1.6kw element (excludes touchpad)
  • C270TB - 930W hot pump electronic with 1.8kw element (excludes touchpad)
  • C400TB - 1500W hot pump electronic with 2.4kw element (excludes touchpad)

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