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Davey Q800AUS-20 2.0KW 240v 15A Spa Pool Controller

DAVEY 2.0kW Spa Power 800 with clock 15amp

The Davey SP800 range of spa controllers offer excellent options for spa pool control. Available in multiphase (single or three phase) they can run up to three spa pumps (single or two speed), plus blower, circulator pump and an Ozone generator. For spectacular colour, the unit can power up to 60 individual LED lights both in and around the spa pool.

The SP800 range also features an in built optical water sensor, safety thermal cutout, optional in-built temperature sensor and full functionality from the LCD touchpad including temperature and maintenance reminders.

The SP800 touchpad is multi-lingual with 7 in-built languages, is fully programmable and easy to use.

* Price excludes touchpad.

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Weight 5 kg