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Davey Deep Well Pumps


Suitable for suction depths down to 50m, the shallow and deep well jet pumps with pressure switch are a rugged pump suitable for supplying high pressure water for garden sprinklers, stock watering and washdown. Other popular applications include supplying water from dams, creeks, rivers and bores, or tank filling.

Why Choose the Davey Deep Well jet pump?

• High TEFC - IP rating for long term protection against vermin, dust and water
• Manufactured from quality corrosion resistant materials
• Pump casing made from marine grade aluminium for high tensile strength, with a unique internal Rilsan® casing injection moulded for wet areas, providing outstanding resistance to aggressive water
• Versatile pump - convertible to match different suction lifts
• Easily converted to automatic or manual operation
• Pumping system can be used for ‘offset’ installations
• Automatic Demand Response (ADR) fitted to provide peak performance and loss of prime discharge shut down
• 165D available with 3 phase motor
• Low maintenance
• O-ring seal hand tightened priming plug for easy operation.