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Davey Dewatering Pump (Large)

DAVEY De-watering Pump (Large)

High flow, vortex, submersible sump pumps with a choice of single or three phase motors. Have automatic resetting thermal overload which protects against overloading.


  • Sump emptying
  • Septic water disposal
  • Water transfer
  • Pumping of neutral, non-aggressive factory waste water

The submersible dewatering pumps are available in a wide range with auto float options. Models available in this range are:

  • D75M - 0.75kW dewatering pump 1ph 2" outlet manual
  • D150 - 1.5kW dewatering pump 1ph 3" outlet manual
  • DT08 - 0.75kW dewatering pump 3ph 2" outlet manual
  • DT15 - 1.5kW dewatering pump 3ph 3" outlet manual
  • DT22 - 2.2kW dewatering pump 3ph 3" outlet manual
  • DT37 - 3.7kW dewatering pump 3ph 4" outlet manual

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Weight 24 kg