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Davey Twin Impeller Sump Pump

DAVEY Twin Impeller high pressure drainage pumps

These submersible sump pump with 2 or 3 stage impeller designs for high pressure, up to 45m head. They're corrosion resistant, with 304 stainless steel shaft, motor shell and fasteners for long service life. 'A' suffix models are equipped with preset length automatic float switch for automatic operation.

This range of submersible pumps is designed for use in rainwater tanks and suitable for pumping drinking water with a neutral pH. The lubricating oil used in the pump is vegetable based and non-toxic.

Operated by an automatic float attached to the pump, it detects when water is available.

The D42A/B and D53A/B are availabe to purchase as a stand alone unit and are also supplied in factory matched RainBank kits, used to harvest rainwater for toilet flushing and laundry use.


  • Lawn and garden irrigation
  • Sump emptying to low heads

Other models available in this range are:

  • D42A - 0.6kW high pressure drainage pump 1ph 1" outlet auto
  • D53A/B - 0.84kW high pressure drainage pump 1ph 1" auto extra pressure

The pumps are also available with 20m lead option.

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