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Onga Enviromaster® 0.9kW 240v

ONGA ENVIROMASTER® 900W Variable Speed Eco inverter constant pressure pump

The Onga Enviromaster® CPS10 Max 120/60 variable speed, low noise pump has an integrated energy-saving inverter. The variable speed drive (VSD) adjusts the pump speed to constantly provide the same pressure, even when water demand changes. As the pump's speed depends on water demand, when running at reduced speeds it is possible to save up to 75% of power, compared to a standard pump.

With the ever-increasing cost of electricity, this pump will pay for itself while reducing energy use. It will easily handle the demands of a rural or urban household.

Using the easy to read LED screen, the VSD monitors and varies the speed of the motor to ensure constant pressure under varying demands, as well as saving electricity and generating fewer carbon emissions.


  • Household Pressure Systems
  • Pressure Boosting
  • Light commercial
  • Irrigation

Warranty: 3 Years

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Weight 14 kg