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Onga Dominator 75/56

ONGA Dominator 75/56 single phase submersible pump with minipress control

The Onga Dominator changes the rules for household pressure. Submerged in the tank or well, it is completely silent. It shares its pump components with the highly respected Sta-Rite Signature 2000 submersible borehole pump range. Coupled with Presscontrol, Dominator becomes a complete home pressure system.

The Onga Dominator range is perfect for silent household pressure system applications, garden irrigation, or water transfer.

Typical Applications

Silent Household pressure systems, garden irrigation, or water transfer

Features Benefits
High efficiency moulded impellers Lower running costs, high performance
Stainless steel suction, shaft and casing Corrosion resistant and tough
Supplied with 20m cable and 20m drop cord Ready to install and run
Mechanical seal with oil chamber Highest quality motor protection
Motor internally cooled *Can run even partially submerged

Additional information

Weight 11 kg