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Onga Jung U6KS

ONGA Jung U6KS single phase submersible grey water sump pump

The U6KS model can be used for dealing with lift wells, garden fountains, greenhouses, basements, pump well and reservoirs. Its unique silicon carbide mechanical seal suitable not only for conveying waste water but also for drainage and seepage water in sumps an liquid fertiliser.

The U6KS also includes an integrated motor contact switch which turns the pump off it it overheats. Operational safety and a long service life are prime features of this pump.

  • Continuous operation
  • Low level pumping by removing the strainer base
  • Flushing device
  • Built in level control
  • Variable discharge branch
  • Safe to run dry
  • 10/20mm free passage with EIP technology

Additional information

Weight 6 kg