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Onga OJ800K1 2.4kW 230/480V Jet Pump & amp; Tank

ONGA OJ800 2.4kW 1ph Jet Pump with Pressure Switch and Tank

The Onga OJ800K1 comprises a 3HP single phase cast iron jet pump with pressure switch and a 100L 690kPa APP100 steel pressure tank with diaphragm, as a water pressure system. It is also available in 3-phase. Injectors are sold separately. There are 19 shallow well injectors to choose from, to adapt to your pressure and flow requirements and 23 deep well injectors, for lifts greater than 7.6 metres.

The Farmaster OJ series is the flagship of the Onga range, offering performance, efficiency and reliability in a solid cast iron casing. These pumps have evolved with the needs of Australian farmers and landowners since Onga's beginnings in 1967. They have benefited from over 46 years of outstanding pump engineering.

The OJ range performs reliably in almost any situation - whatever you need to do with water, you can rely on an Onga OJ. They are perfect for drawing water from any convenient source and taking it where you need it. The tall design means that the impeller is never operating in air, so priming is never a problem.

OJ pumps equipped with deep well injectors can handle suction lifts down to 49 metres. Strong cast iron construction, industrial spec motors and precision-moulded components work together to provide a rugged and reliable pump for your important applications.

Warranty: 2 Years

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Weight 87 kg