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Onga VIPvort Range

ONGA VIP 130/6 auto pump 1ph

The Onga VIP range is designed for de-watering applications such as disposal of rainwater from garages, basements, cellars, drainage pits and decorative fountains. These pumps can pass 6mm solids and drain down to 20mm water level.

The VIPvort range is designed to pump grey water with soft solids up to 25mm diameter. They are designed for transfer of waste water from domestic applications, dewatering and drainage pits. These pumps will drain water to a level of 25mm.

Models available in this range are:

P1041310 - VIP 180/7 - Auto pump 1ph

P2101150 - VIPvort 130/5 - Auto 10mg5 Sp.Aust

P2101160 - VIPvort 180/6 - Auto 10mg5 Sp.Aust

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