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Onga Press control w/leads


The Onga electronic pressure controllers are devices that guarantee perfect control of household pressure pumps. Incorporating both hydraulic and electronic components, they are capable of simultaneously detecting both pressure and flow. Using this information it controls the pump and also protects the pump against abnormal running situations. It replaces the traditional expansion tank system, it is totally reliable, and easy to install.

Features Benefits
Replaces the traditional expansion tank system Far more compact that a tank, with reduced maintenance
Operates the pump in accordance with demand Completely automatic operation
Maintains constant pressure during delivery Keeps pressure and temperature constant for great showers
Stops the pump on loss of prime Protects the pump reducing service costs
Attenuates the effects of water hammering Protects household plumbing
Pre-Wired Plug and Play No Need for electrician to install

Additional information

Weight 1 kg