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Aqua Pack Plus Pressure Tanks

ONGA Aqua Pack Plus Diaphragm Pressure Tanks, 690kPa

The Onga Aqua pack Plus steel diaphragm pressure tanks provide a comprehensive range to meet the widest range of water reservoir and energy-saving requirements. The Onga Aqua pack Plus steel diaphragm pressure tank offer a range from 8 to 100 litres capacity and pressures up to 690kPa.

The internal diaphragm is made from durable butyl rubber and is approved for use with potable water. The diaphragm is designed to ensure a consistent reservoir of water is maintained during the life of the tank with minimal deformation. An integrated liner ensures water does not come into contact with the metal shell; thus minimising the chance of corrosion of the tank shell.

The air valve is conveniently situated on the upper side of the tank, allowing easy access for testing and adjusting the pre-charge air. All tank connections are stainless steel 1” BSP, which are adaptable for either direct placement on the pump or stand-alone units fitted independently to the pipework. The larger three models are supplied with bases for ease of installation.

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8L, 12L, 24L, 40L, 80L, 100L