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Davey Fibrewound Supercell 80F Pressure Tank 80L

Davey Fibrewound Pressure Tank 80L 860kPa Max

Davey SuperCell composite tanks with captive diaphragms for corrosive environments.

In a tough environment, sometimes steel is not the best answer. SuperCell composite tanks offer greater durability against environmental conditions especially for coastal or high humidity environments.

Features safe potable grade virgin polypropylene liner with a strong and durable fibre glass outer shell for a long service life.

The supercell composite tanks can be used for the following applications:

  • Household, farm or industrial water pressure systems
  • Hydronic heating system expansion tanks
  • Water hammer arrestor systems

The supercell composite tanks are also available in the following sizes:

  • 24060F - Supercell 60F Composite 60L 860kPa Max
  • 24100F - Supercell 100F Composite 100L 860kPa Max​
  • 24130F - Supercell 130F Composite 130L 860kPa Max​
  • 24200F - Supercell 200F Composite 200L 860kPa Max​
  • 24100F - Supercell 250F Composite 250L 860kPa Max​

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