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Onga Pro-Source Fibrewound 76L

STA-RITE/ONGA Fibrewound Pressure Tank 76l 690kPa

Sta-Rite's large range of fibrewound pressure tanks continues to evolve to meet the needs of the market. Recent updates have included new bladder material (PEU) for longer life, a revised hoop winding pattern for improved strength, and an entirely new model (the SR48-14).

These pressure tanks are used in many farm and industrial water supply applications to store water at pressure and reduce pump cycling, especially where automated pump controls are used. Tank draw offs from 25 litres up to over 160 litres are possible using normal pressure switch settings, and this range of tanks is built tough with a maximum pressure of 690kPa.

Best of all, these tanks will never rust — they're mounted on a moulded base, and are constructed from 3 miles of glass reinforced plastic that is wound into epoxy resin strand by strand in a Sta-Rite proprietary pattern that maximises strength. We recommend these tanks where water quality causes corrosion problems. Another benefit of this construction is that they are around half the weight of comparable steel tanks — making installation by one person a reality.

The internal liner is moulded in one piece from premium high density polyethylene, and both this and the PEU air cell are resistant to chlorine and iron bacteria.

Key Features

  • Rugged outer shell
  • Exclusive, replaceable butyl air cell
  • One-piece moulded liner
  • 300-grad stainless steel service connection
  • Exclusive top mount access
  • Designed for easy installation
  • Rotatable base with quick connect

The fibrewound tanks are also available in the following sizes:

  • PSC-35-10 - Fibrewound tank 133L 690kPa
  • PSC-48-14 - Fibrewound tank 182L 690kPa
  • ​PSC-60-18 - Fibrewound tank 228L 690kPa
  • ​PSC-85-25 - Fibrewound tank 323L 690kPa
  • ​PSC-119-35 - Fibrewound tank 452L 690kPa

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5 Year Warranty

Additional information

Weight 21 kg